Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lighten The Load Challenge

You may have seen the challenge over at The Sustainable Backyard. I'm joining in too. This will be my first challenge to undertake and I'm excited.

The concept is simple enough. Set a goal to reduce your clutter. Clutter can be debts, excess body weight, clutter in your house etc. For each pound you get rid of, you get to remove a point. Each $1 of debt reduced is equal to 1 pound.

My goal is huge, but necessary. I won't go into details of exactly why I set my goal so high, but it's attainable if I stay focused. My goal is to reduce 10,000 pounds of clutter this year.

Want to join in? Post a comment on Anajz's blog and you're in.


anajz said...

Yipppeeee! Melissa I am so excited to have a partner in challenge!

10,000 units is not unreasonable at all. DH thought I was crazy, because he equated it to solely weight loss and debt. When I explained that I have a piano that weighs 500 lbs, he was instantly on board with the idea. What he doesn't know is that there are a couple of "his" items that will make a good dent in this project, not only weight wise but by bringing in funds to reduce debt. win-win!

I am secretly hoping that I will be so easily able to reach the 10,000 unit that I can UP my personal challenge.

What do you think about starting a blogroll in my sidebar for those that wish to participate? Better yet, what about some code for a Challenge Blogroll widget that everyone can add to their own sidebar? Just thinking aloud and looking for suggestions and ideas.

I believe you are only a couple of hours from me and that is exciting. Thanks for stopping by and joining the challenge!

mmpaints said...

What an excellent idea. My biggest drawback would be the family around me. Piano, I'd love to have a piano! LOL, I'd declutter the hubby before I'd get rid of a piano! LOL I think I will join you idea, and see what I can ditch...

Melissa Schnieders said...

I just jumped in without really evaluating what all I had to get rid of so I think I might end up exceeding the 10k. I think a blog roll is a great idea, so is a widget! You just said everything I've been moaning about since before Christmas. Everything seems to have hit an all time high and it's time to declare war on it. :) I didn't know how to link to you, but I've seen that on other challenges. If there's a way to do that, let me know!

Hot Belly Mama said...

I am going to check that out! I removed so much clutter when we moved into our home, I think the next thing to focus on is some lingering debt that just needs to go away!

The Scavenger said...

You have been nominated for an award. You can learn more over at my blog. Hope you have time to accept. Thanks,


anajz said...

Hey Melissa, I have added you to my regular blogroll as a daily read. I can give you the code to add the widget into your sidebar, but need to look around your website for a contact button.

Also, I have started a Lighten the Load Challenge group over at Facebook, if you are interested. An easier place for each of us to visit back and forth.

Have been completely under the weather for two days, following Hais' and DH being sick for a week. YUK!

When my head clears up a bit, I will work on a blogroll scroll widget for participants to add to their sidebars.