Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The "Have-More" Plan

A few weeks ago, I was reading the comments section of Tiny Farm Blog and a Sharon posted 2 links to books free to download. I clicked on The Have More Plan by Ed and Carolyn Robinson and decided to go ahead and print it too. It has so many wonderful things I wish I'd known before getting started. In general, it's a homesteading primer. It has how to lay out your homestead, a really nice barn plan that houses a milk cow or goats, chickens, rabbits and storage too. A well thought out kitchen plan. Fish ponds and fruit orchards. It has good ideas on just about everything you could need in your homestead.
I enjoyed the "quaintness" of the prices listed throughout.
I do see the cyclic nature of the back to the land movement. I think the gap in the cycle is closing though.

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jzgplj said...

Thanks for the Link, I haven't had a good copy of the have more plan for years.