Tuesday, January 6, 2009

$7 Breadbox

"Hey Mom, where's the bread?"

"In the breadbox"

"The WHAT?"

"Breadbox... that green box on the counter that says BREAD on the front of it."

muttering heard: "who knew there was a box just for bread. MOST people keep their bread in the sack from the store."

Yep, I've been out treasure hunting again. One of my fave antique stores was having an end of season sale with most things being 20% off. So, off I went dragging my oldest son with me. Ok, he went willingly, but only because we were going to the movies later.

This store is huge! It's in an old bowling alley, game center, skating rink warehouse type building. I can't even tell how many booths are in there, lets just say hundreds.

I have been hunting for a bread box for a while now as storing homemade bread in plastic containers doesn't let the bread breathe... and it shortens it's lifespan (IMO)

The first one we spotted was red and $25. Not in great shape but I liked the color and size. I have funky cupboards that hang down low, so not a lot can fit under them... not my bread machine, or the Kitchenaid mixer. Geesh, the papertowel holder barely fits. The next one was wooden, $30. The 3rd one was all rusty, $15. We saw several more, but too banged up, too expensive, or just not right.

Then, I spotted this one on a low shelf behind some other things. Priced at $9 but with the holiday discount, it was just $7. Woo Hoo!! What a find!! And, I do love the color green! Goes great with the super dated green & yellow wall paper (soon to be painted over!).

Where do you keep your bread?!


Patrice Farmer said...

I am one of those people that always looks for a nice bread box and was disappointed in the ones I found at the thrifts stores or owned. I like that one, those are the kind I try to look for!

Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

Hey Patrice ~ I do see these all the time. Want me to find one for you?