Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Blog Gone

Since discovering the wildly amusing (and addictive) world of blogs, I must admit that there are some I read daily.... even if they don't post daily. These are the ones that I feel like I know them so well based on their blog alone, even if they do use fake names and I have no idea where in the world they are. Who cares? They're my blog friends (okay, they may not know me, but I know them and therefore, we are friends. ha)

I'm assuming that with the giant ice/snow storm that has much of the eastern U.S. shut down, that bloggers from the affected areas aren't posting. Which gives me time to flip thru and check on some of my fave blogs. ( I allot myself 1 hour a day for blogging - and spend 99% of it reading.)

Anyway, another one of my favorite blogs has bit the dust. Domestic Accident is no more. Her blog was eye candy... pink and black with a vintage looking avatar. She talked about her kids in a way that I can totally relate to mine. There was just so much to her blog that I loved... and now, poof, it's gone.

Lisa, I hope all is well in your world. I'm gonna miss ya.


Patrice Farmer said...

Thats sad. I hope that its just because of the storm or something.

Becc said...

I can completely relate. It's rare for me to be on during the weekend but I check my favorite (and newly found) blogs during the week. Even that will become more difficult during the summer, so I'll enjoy now. Some of "my girls" have stopped blogging also, but I still keep them under my "Take A Moment" list so I check in on them- in hopes.

Have a great weekend!