Monday, March 30, 2009

Raw Milk Enthusiasts

I think I may have shared on here about my love for raw milk. Yes, that's right - we drink unpasturized milk. I'm telling you, if you've never tried it, don't knock it. :)

My kids now prefer raw over pasturized (and so does hubby.) Me, I can go either way, but what I LOVE about it is the skimmed-off-the-top cream and it's lovely by-product, butter. Oh, the butter!! You can NOT get butter that's better than this. Days after we made some, it still spread so nicely, cold, from the fridge. Now, show me what store bought butter can spread across toast, and I'll eat it too. LOL

Today on Twitter, I got a message from @herdshare posting a link to MSN Green (okay, who knew HAD a green section?!)

Check out the milk article. I love the idea of a cow share - in some states, laws are causing folks to get creative about selling and buying milk. You own a cow, that lives with the farmer and you get the milk because it's your cow... farmer just takes care of it and harvests your milk. Pretty neat!!

Next up at the homestead is going to be making yogurt, cream cheese, mozzeralla cheese and ice cream. I'm glad my milk maiden has gotten another cow... now I need a pontoon to get to her place to collect the milk and I'm back in business (darn winter storms!)

How do you prefer your milk?


Lanny said...

Ah the ways we get around ourselves. I miss our raw goat's milk. But not the milking chores and keeping things impeccably clean in a world of mud. Have a milkalicious day!

Jenni said...

I think I may have commented about this here before--or somewhere. I love raw milk. I miss it so much. I may have to hunt for a new place to get it. It's been too long without that wonderful cream in my coffee. Store bought just isn't the same.

Donna said...

I milked cows for at least 25 years. Made butter and cottage cheese. Like you, I especially love the cream.

Having shares in a cow might be a good thing: Let somebody else share the risk of mastitis and milk fever!

Our trouble nowadays is that my husband has heart issues, so he isn't supposed to have all that cream and butter. And I have weight issues, so I guess I need to leave it alone too.

Jena said...

I've looked into a source of raw milk in my area and found two options, both on the share program. For one options you pay like $60/year and then $7/gallon of milk you take with a limit of one or two per week (I can't remember for sure). The other one is a set fee per week or month that entitles you to one or two gallons of milk per week, depending on the price bracket. The second system sounds nice because you can go month to month, however once you pay for a month you're paying whether or not you take or use that much milk. I'm not sure we can afford this right now. I normally go for quality over quantity but my husband drinks a LOT of milk. I've considered doing to first program so I can get milk when I want and experiment with its' uses and taste.

Patrice Farmer said...

I've only had unpat. goats milk. Tasted richer.

ChristyACB said...

I'm going back into my cowshare so I can have good milk again. And yes, the butter is to die for in my opinion. Yet even with the cowshare programs, I always feel like someone is going to eye us up to make an example of us!

Phelan said...

I like it straight out of the teat.
Roads are open.

J and J Oxrieder said...

I saw this article too! I even thought about posting about it since I get raw milk to make cheese with. Too cool!