Thursday, March 5, 2009

Help a Newbie Gardener

I twitter... or do I tweet? I'm not sure, but I do follow some interesting folks. I try to keep it local (why would I care what someone was eating for lunch on the other side of the world?) However, I do follow gardeners from all over. I find my passion for this hobby is just growing - pun intended. LOL

I enjoy feeding people - I love to cook and I volunteer to make meals for our church all the time. Having a baby? I'm on the way with 5 different casseroles. Put that together with my love for gardening (and helping new folks get started) and this tweet piqued my interest:

hyperlocavoreWe need seed angels! Do you have extra seeds - Get a newbie garden going! from web

Dang it if I only knew how to cut and paste so it'd look like a Tweet. (Karen, I need lessons!)

Anyway, head over to her website and check it out. If you don't feel like joining, maybe there's a newer gardener in your area/church/group of family or friends that would love some seeds. Share some and spread the gardening fever.


Hot Belly Mama said...

I just decided to turn my wood room into a green room. Kind of announced it to my husband yesterday. lol. All winter, it was full of wood. I told him it is now going to be our temporary green room. Well, at the moment it is holding our baby chicks. lol.

FYI: Come over to my page to check out the free diaper I am giving away.

Love... Hot Belly Mama

J and J Oxrieder said...

Oh my it has been years since I've been to a garden show. Maybe I'll go this year and get some inspiration! Of course ours isn't for another month at least!

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