Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Treasure Hunting

I love hunting for old stuff that is FUNCTIONAL. You won't find a lot antique knick knacks in my house since I don't like to dust! LOL I found most of these at antique stores in Eastern Kansas (I travel for my job and when I have the time, I hit up the antique/junk stores.) We've also discovered that some old things do a much better job than their modern couterparts. Jerry is the king of mashed potatoes. I mean, that is one "meal" I'll always come home for :) Yet, he has destroyed several mashers (could be that he's crushing the mashers, but we disagree on this). I had a 1950's masher for years until it couldn't take any more mashing and completely broke. I bought a new one at Tarjay, only he broke it the first use. Same thing on multiple other new ones. So now, when I find good ones at the treasure stores, I buy them up. You just can't have too many mashers hidden in the cupboards. LOL

I adore these aluminum cookie cutters. I have a set from my childhood. And, now I have Chicken & Bunny!! Plus, I bought a star & 2 tin men for the kids. The colandar was just $4 ~ and what a buy! It's super large and pretty too. The egg basket was just $6 and I love the green wooden handles. If I spot another one, I'm getting it for Patrice ~ reading about her carrying eggs in her pockets, only to have them break over her cell phone convinced me we need egg baskets!!

Over at Suzanne's I learned another bread recipe and her love of glass baking pans. I snagged these for $2 each. And, on someone else's blog, I read about putting leftovers in glass dishware instead of plasticware since glass is see-thru and chemical free. The small box in the middle is part of a set. And, again with the green theme in the pickle dish. I LOVE green!!

I started reading gardening blogs this fall and was amazed at the totals posted. So, we needed a scale. I totally splurged on this one ($24) but it is a Hanson and it is in great condition. Oh, and the pie book ~ yep, had to have that now that I can make a great crust!


Karen in Wichita said...

Hey, that's my pie book! (1965 edition? My dust jacket has been off it for so long I can't remember exactly what it looks like.) Mine's the one my mom gave me. Flaky pastry, the one with shortening or lard (I use lard) is my preferred one. Mom prefers oil, but for some reason that always sticks for me. Took me years to give up on her recipe and stop buying Pet-Ritz crusts.

I can endorse the "Old-fashioned apple pie" recipe (works good with Splenda, too, for the many diabetics in my extended family), the strawberry-rhubarb pie, angel pies (I made those for Carl's grandfather when he had ALS and couldn't swallow traditional crust as easily) uh... I really should branch out more.

And seconded on old kitchen gear. I'm looking for a decent pastry blender with a real handle. And probably an egg beater, though so far the mostly-metal one (the inside gear is nylon) from Ace has held up well.

I gave up on potato mashers... they broke, rusted, or shed shiny-coating flakes. Ew. I ended up getting a potato ricer, which was pretty awesome, though you're limited in the resulting texture (you can have extra-smooth mashed potatoes or... uh... extra-smooth mashed potatoes), and is kind of tedious for really big quantities.

Patrice Farmer said...

You know, I'm about to buy a kettle because every coffee maker I have ever bought in my current rented home gets zapped. My daughter bought me one for Xmas and it lasted 5 days before getting zapped. I said forget it...a kettle will be just fine. Some of the old stuff is much better than new.

Lanny said...

You have to try the pear ginger pie the girls have made two this week for the festivities of the season. I grew up with that colandar and those cutters. Good finds!

Patrice Farmer said...

I got that colander in my kitchen too. I got it at the thrift store...and I have a smaller one too like that with the flowers on it...remember that?