Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ah Internet, How I've Missed You!

After 9 days of no internet at home (No thanks AT&T, we cancel you!) thankfully, Cox Communications to the rescue.

For the record, AT&T, my network interface card IS fine & dandy. So is my whole computer and all it's other parts. So, please, remove those canned lines from your "help desk" scripts.

Oh, and thanks so much for shutting off my cell phone just because we switched internet providers. That was nice of you. Where's my $$ for the interruption of service and the 42 minutes we spent on the phone with you before Charmaine finally understood that WE DIDNT CAUSE THE SERVICE INTERRUPTION and had the intellegence to turn the cell phones back on! Seriously, the 4th phone on this plan is the only source of communication I have with 1 person ~ don't mess with that!

Okay, while I've been stuck in the real world, wondering and thinking about all my virtual/real friends, I've composed a few posts. I hope to get them copied and pasted in between the baking and nursing (Emma is sick ~ day 4 of yuckfest and now Jerry has it ~ but like all tough guys ~ he went to work and is now wishing he was home, close to a bathroom.)

Anyway, I hope you are doing well, these last few days before Christmas. Don't worry about what didn't get done, because it doesn't matter. Family matters. Spending time together is what it's all about. Hugs to all of you!

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