Monday, December 15, 2008

Food Co-ops

In the last week, I've been asked several times about the different food co-ops that my family buys from. So, I thought it might be helpful to others to share the info.

Years ago, we belonged to Heartland Shares, which had a basic food package plus add ons. The caveat to join was that you needed to do at least 2 hours of community service a week.

Now, we rotate thru 3 different ones. None of them have income guidelines, and only one has the volunteer requirement. My favorite one lets us buy a "pantry box" that is perfect for donating to food drives (seems like between Scouts, 4H and school, somebody is pilfering the pantry for a donation.) They all have a basic box plus add ons. Angel Food now has a Senior box which has fully cooked meal, nutrionally balanced that is just heat and serve. Our neighbor get this for his MIL and she has been really pleased with the variety.

We participate in Angel Food Ministries at Tyler Road Baptist Church, Prairie Land Food in Goddard and Share Colorado with a pick up at Salvation Army.

We have enjoyed everything (especially the fresh fruit and veggies in the winter). Our only complaint is that they all tend to deliver on the same day of the month, which can be pretty hectic! (It used to be that it was an every other week thing.) As one who dislikes shopping, I certainly appreciate having our groceries already boxed and ready to go. And, often times, there is some kind of extra treat on pick up day for the kids. Now, if I could find a local CSA to join....

If you have other programs that you know about, please share.

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