Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happiness Project: Photos

It's already 2/3 way thru January. I had intended to post more often *ahem*. Well, let's just move forward, shall we?!

Sticking with "things that make me happy", you may have deduced that I enjoy taking photos... of my kids and pets. What I really love, is taking photos of things people usually don't see.

Radish Flower

As we missed pulling a few radishes, we decided to let them grow, just to see what would happen. These delicate blossoms were the result. They grew on very long stems and waved gently in the breeze. So pretty!

I really LOVE photographing buildings and their details, especially windows & doors. Here's an old warehouse. I always wonder what was manufactured in them. Who worked there? When was the last day of business? What does the inside look like? Who painted the awesome antique themed mural on it's north side? If the building could talk, what would it say?

This is a photo from one of my favorite buildings here in town... it's an old train station. When I was a little girl, our family traveled via train to go to our home state. Plus, my grandpa was a train conductor, so I am still enamored by all things train related. :D

If you've ever traveled via train, you might recognize the platform. This place amazed me with all the people bustling on and off trains, the smoke, the smells and most of all, the anticipation of the trip. Even though we no longer have a train station in Wichita, the platform is still there. :D I think I may have to have this one blown up and hung in my office. Looking at it always makes me smile.


Tina. said...

Love your photo's. I feel the same way about trees. I love the textures, different forms as the wind and storms have shaped them and always wondered what they would say if they could talk, all the life that has passed beneath their branches...

fullfreezer said...

Love, Love, Love the trains!! We are all train fans here as well. This is the first time in 20 years that we have lived further than half a mile away from tracks. It's kind of sad not hearing the trains go by. But we will adjust.

small farm girl said...

Great pictures! It shows that you love taking pictures.

Melissa ~ Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

Tina ~ I'm a tree hugger too. Literally, I hug trees. LOL I have some cool, gnarly root photos I should dig up. I hear you on the history. There's a new camera that came out for gardeners that I may have to get. It takes a series of photos and converts them to a video. So, you could watch a rose bloom, or a cucumber grow... all sorts of amazing possibilities with that one.

Judy ~ I KNOW! Trains, so comforting in the night. We don't live near tracks but I never mind waiting in traffic to watch them go by. We're hoping the reconnect the Amtrak service thru here again. Nothing like a quick day trip to KC via train.

Small farm girl ~ thanks! Photography is my art form. I can't knit/crochet/paint/draw, but I can snap a photo. :D

berryvine said...

I also love to take photos. I am trying to decide on an SLR camera now but get such good quick shots with my point and shoot. Lovely Photos.

C. said...

These are so great! I agree that you should enlarge some and frame them. The red brick train station photo would look great in a grouping of the platform. Maybe you could find a train and get an awesome shot to add to the grouping!

Jaclyn Marie said...

Gorgeous photos! I love love that train station! I'm so glad to see someone else likes it too! I haven't found a ton of great portrait spots here in Wichita yet, but I have shot there before:

And a few of these were taken there: