Monday, January 25, 2010

Happiness Project: Aprons

Miss Aubrey modeling my fave apron.

When I cook, I make a mess. I don't mean to, but I work in a very small kitchen, usually with a few helpers & various pets wandering about. It's inevitable that I flip around too fast and knock something over. LOL

That's why I started wearing aprons. I have a few I've bought at estate sales (and a few of them have been swiped by the girls). But, my favorite is a cherry red apron with the cutest crocheted cherries on it. Problem is, it's just a half-apron. (What is the correct term?) What I need is a full apron, one that covers my shirt too.

Apron courtesy Flirty Aprons

So, when I saw this contest over at The Suburban Jungle, I knew I had to enter and share my love of aprons with you. My choice, if I were to win, would be the Sassy Red apron, because, I LOVE red and *ahem* have been known to be sassy. :D

Which one would you choose?


fullfreezer said...

Oh, I love the red apron as well. I sometimes think I need not just an apron but a full body cover when I cook! I tend to be messy as well!
Hope you are staying happy.

Amy said...

I'm a big apron user, too. I've never had a waist apron before, although I don't know why not.....I'm not that messy, but I'm always wiping my hands - on my pants. *shakes head*

My favorite is the luscious lemon one!

Jenni said...

Gosh, it would be hard to choose. I really love the one pictured here and the Scarlet Blossom apron, but I think I'd have to go with the Very Cherry. Um, or the one you have here. I love the red, but I love those cute little cherries. Such a difficult decision. Your vintage tablecloth apron with the cherries is wonderful. I think you should figure out a way to fashion a bib for it.

Leanne said...

yay for aprons!! (i need to start wearing them as well...)

i love your blog, by the way! i always love to hear when other wichitans are embracing a more natural, sustainable lifestyle!