Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why I Love Summer

Doing a quick poll of a few friends revealed that most people like the season they were born in the best. I guess it's no surprise that summer is my favorite season with my birthday in August.

Okay, here's a few more reasons I love summer:

Socks - or lack thereof. Since 6 of us are anti-shoes in the summer the only socks I wash and hang out are Jerry's. During the winter, we fill an entire drying rack with them.

Sunshine and heat.

Going out to the garden to grab dinner fixins.

Eating ice cold watermelon on a hot day.

Braden's birthday on the 4th of July.

Spending entire days outside. Only coming in when we start falling asleep.

Hearing the distant sound of the ice cream truck.

Butterflies and bumble bees.

Birds splashing in the bird feeder.

Eating breakfast on our back patio.

Mowing the yard.

No school drop off and pick ups.

Summer seems a long way off ~ so until then, I'll enjoy spring.
We had our first daffodil on Sunday, spring can't be too far off.


Barb and Steve said...

I'm a summer baby too. I do love the season. I'm jealous of the daffodil.

ChristyACB said...
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ChristyACB said...

As a winter baby, I should like winter then, but alas, my season is Spring! Summer just gets too blooming hot here to fully embrace.

(sorry about the deleted post, I accidentally posted before finishing.)

JLB said...

YEAH SUMMER! My top reason...warm enough to have the baby outside so I can actually feel like Im doing something on the farm! And she'll be old enough this summer to walk around and play a bit. No coats, no shoes, no socks, no mud to clean off my floor, hubby at work then no lunches to fix (okay maybe just for Lilly, she's easy to please though), no frozen pee shavings in the rabbit hutch (yes I have that problem, I have to have a shovel to chisel them out). I LOVE summer (and yes, Im a summer baby)

fullfreezer said...

I'm also a summer baby (well, actually very late spring) but my favorite season is Autumn. There is something about the harvest season that I love- the warm days and crisp nights that happen then. The bounty from the garden. Don't get me wrong- I can't wait til summer and the chance to shed the shoes!!!
And I'm intensely jealous of the daffodil- we had snow over the weekend but it's supposed to hit 45 tomorrow!!!

Patrice Farmer said...

Oh love it. Bring on the warm weather. I love September my birth month. I am anti socks and shoes during the summer. Its nothing for me and Lea to run outside with NO shoes on. I remember this african american farmer in memphis once told me that you can't be a farmer unless you feel the soil beneath your feet from that point on I liked to feel the hot grass or dirt within my toes.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

August here also. I love spring/summer...the smell of fresh mowed grass, the chirping of birds, the homegrown heirloom tomatoes and greens. Be still my heart! Won't be long before I can plant arugula, kale, and chard! Round these parts you can plant greens one month before the last expected frost....so maybe by the middle of April?

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

That is interesting that most people like the season they were born in. I love little facts like that. I must be the exception, I was born in December but I LOVE Spring and Summer. These nice weather days we have had in southeast KS lately has been wonderful. I have a serious case of Spring fever!