Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Spring Feeber I tell Ya

Kids have the cutest ways of saying things.

Yesterday, the afternoon high hit around 60. Okay, YIPPEEEEEE. When I picked the kids up after school, they started saying how HOT they were and they were THIRSTY. Oh puhleaze!! I casually mentioned that I wasn't hot or thirsty but that the fine weather gave me spring fever. The kids busted out with Mom has spring feeber. (Are we the only family that breaks out into made up sing-songs?)

This morning, all Emma could say was "mom, you got a feeber?" Over and over again. LOL Yes, I do have feeber... warm weather in Feb does that to me. In honor of my feeber, I hung the first load of wash out on the line today. I planted peas. I started more plants from seed (up to 450 now). Pots of lettuce and spinach I was growing in the house got moved to the cold frame (where it's nice and toasty inside.) I washed the patio table off so we can have dinner outside tonight. And, I shut off the furnace. Let me see what else I can come up with before we plunge back into winter.

Emma has been wanting to gather eggs. I put a lawn chair out for her to climb up and get to work. She will probably insist she is the new egg gatherer. There's always competition from everyone to see who can get to the coop first after school and retrieve the eggs. Funny, but when we cleaned the coop out, no one was running to help.

Speaking of coop clean outs, I snagged 10 bags of leaves off Craigslist. I'm experimenting with leaves as bedding in the coop. The hay just mats down really badly, forms a carpet like density which leaves all the dropping on top of it. I wanted something a little more compost ready than that. We'll see how the leaves do.


Claire said...

Cute pictures! Glad you're getting lots of eggs. Mine are starting to get going too!

ChristyACB said...

How cute are those pictures! Those are keepers for sure.

Love the eggs...looks like easter!

mmpaints said...

That's great! Wish it would warm up here. I've not started any seeds yet, almanac says late spring here. I sure do like your layer boxes!

Melissa ~ Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

Claire - We had 5 on Tuesday, 6 on Wednesday, 3 yesterday and today 7 so far! They are really getting into the groove. I guess the projections were right. LOL

Christy ~ We love the Easter Eggers. We are going to add a couple more to the flock in hopes of blue eggs. But, right now, green eggs and ham is still so much fun.

Mmpaints ~ Thanks. I think it was the best part of our design. It is kind of funny to open the lid though and have a chicken bwok at you.

Patrice Farmer said...

I miss those cute sayings kids say...and that is very cute. ANd I love how shes just reaching in for the eggs. Love that egg basket. I can't wait until I'll need one like that! And boy its warm enough there for you to plant your veggies...I envy you!!! We've been buried in snow for literally months.