Sunday, November 2, 2008

Speaking of Confetti Flocks

Today, J finished putting the shingles on the coop. YEAH!! While he was banging away, I let the chicks run around outside the coop. This is what a confetti flock looks like... That's farmer Cole in the background. Or Chick Wrangler.

To the left in the photo is the horse fencing. We are incredibly lucky that our backyard neighbors are 4 horses, on 7 acres. So, we get a sense of wide open space and all the horse love we want without the work. *grin* And, whenever the girls ask for ponies, we just point over the fence and say, "There ya go!"


Patrice Farmer said...

I wish I had horses for neighbor's...I would be happier!!! They're not as noisy!

Mon @ global homestead said...

Hey there,

I'm here to encourage you to blog some more!

I hear ya about having neighbours doing some of the 'work', whether it's gardens or animals, it's so great. Especially when you're living urban.

Tomato Lady said...

NICE chickens! And they look very professionally supervised. I wish I had your backyard neighbors.