Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gonna Get me a Flour Sack Dress

Does anyone else remember reading Lois Lenski books like Judy's Journey, Cotton in My Sack or Strawberry Girl? In Judy's Journey, she had a goat and she begged her father to stop at a feed store to buy goat chow. As they were very poor, he wasn't often able to do it. They did stop once and spent a quarter (wow, cheap chow!) The clerk told Judy to come back in a few days and he'd give her a flour sack to make a dress. They were migrant farm workers, so she wasn't able to go back to get it, but she always dreamed of having one. Every time I visit my local feed- n- seed store, I'm reminded of that story ~ and I wish I could have a flour sack ~ for my girls, to make them dresses.

Valley has feed for all our critters - hamster, guiena pig, rabbits, chickens, dogs and wild birds. We've even bought fish food for the pond dwellers. This time of year, they have bulk nuts available which is great for fall baking.
I've been trying to find a local source for Mortgage Lifter tomato seeds, and was delighted to discover them here and at the bargain price of 40 seeds for $1.50. I also picked up a package of Roma seeds ~ 500 for $.99!! I also bought Beefsteak & Arkansas Traveler. Closer to spring, we'll go back for some of their many lettuces, potatoes and onion sets.
If you're in the Wichita area, check out Valley Feed & Seed at 1903 S Meridian. They are open Mon - Sat. And, feel free to ask questions. They are a weath of info. I inquired about finding a processor for my roos, and they had a source in Yoder. I don't think they'll process just 3, but they also have a poultry auction the last Saturday of each month, so we might consider putting the roos in the auction or trading for some hens.


Patrice Farmer said...

Thats a great ideal to auction them off!!! I just found out about a 'new'? technique for processing them yourself...someone mentioned it on Backyard is the broom method where you put the rooster on the ground, head down, put a broom handle over his neck and then pull him upward to snap the neck so he'll be dead instantly vs. going thorough the whole chopping off the head thing...then you can chopd off his head, drain him out and process him. Maybe the next time I'll do that myself...

Phelan said...

How many roo's do you have? I might be able to make you a deal. You can bring them out here, I can show you how it is done, for a few roos for myself, or can fully dress them out, same deal. That is if you have enough roos to do this.

There is a simpler way, than even the broomstick trick. But we will save that one, people freak out when I mention it. :D

s great meeting you. There are few of us here in the ICT area. I am northwest, outside of Valley Center, not too far from International speedway.