Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Favorite Red Head ~ Lucy

When we ordered our chickens from My Pet Chicken, I couldn't really decide what kind to get. I'd promised the youngest son that we were only going to get hens ~ egg consumption is okay with him, but NOT eating pets. His therory is that if you name it, you can't eat it.

After much debate, we settled on a confetti flock of White Leghorn, Buff Orpingtons, Easter Eggers, Barred Plymouth Rocks and New Hampshire Reds.

When they arrived, I was beside myself ~ giddy beyond belief. The were so sweet, fuzzy and just C*U*T*E. I was in love, with all of them. But something funny happened, once they started growing, one in particular just endeared herself to me. She was sassy, bossy and noisy. She was the biggest and the first to get her comb ~ which came in bright red... hence her name.... Lucy. She is still the biggest, sassiest and one with the most personality... but now we wonder, is our Lucy really a Larry? And, if she is a he, what the heck are we gonna do? Roosters are NOT allowed within the city limits... and apparently, if we try to eat him, our youngest son is going to run away and take Lucy/Larry with him. *Sigh* Anybody know for sure if this is a boy or girl? She/he is about 2 months old now.

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P~ said...

here's a good article on "sexing" chickens that you may find a little helpful. Honestly though, the best way is to just watch and see what happens. We have three white leghorns as well and on of them, "big momma", got her comb in much faster than and much larger than any of the rest. She is very bossy of the others even to this day. I wouldn't be overly concerned if you ordered hens. most companies are pretty good at sexing them as chicks. In the off chance that she does start to crow, you can probably put an add in a local paper to give them away to a "good home" (read: one that can kill him if need be.)
Good Luck.