Wednesday, May 13, 2009

72 Eggs, Scrambled

What do you do when your hens are producing 10 eggs a day? You find recipes that use up lots of eggs! We decided to make breakfast burritos.


6 dozen eggs, scrambled
3 pounds sausage, browned
Green Peppers
Cheese (we used 1/2 slice of American cheese but shredded works too.)
Aluminum Foil

Next time, I'll know to not try to cook all the sausage and eggs all at once. Or, I need to find commercial sized pans and stove to cook on!
The kids can easily pop 1 in the microwave for a minute ~ 2 for 1.5 minutes. We like ours with salsa and sour cream. Our recipe made 80+ burritos. Had we had more tortillas, we'd have come close to 100 burritos. But, we decided to make breakfast bowls out of the leftovers. Delish! Next time, we may add shredded potatoes or more veggies.
Next up, Egg Noodles (frozen & dehydrated) & Batches of French Toast for the Freezer
If you find yourself with a lot of eggs, try some of these links to recipes using a lot of eggs.


Christy said...

We make breakfast burritos all the time, but I never thought of freezing them. Good idea! Do they microwave them with the foil on? I know foil can be hard to get off of frozen things.

Leslie said...

Wow, that's alot of burritos! And alot of eggs. Great idea to freeze them for quick meals later.

Sue said...

You might try selling some...I can't have chickens right now, but my neighbor has them...I pay her what I was spending at the store for organic eggs. I get the freshest eggs ever, and she gets a pretty good price...
Works for us!

J and J Oxrieder said...

Looks great! I love to make meals in advance like that! Saves on tempers and low blood sugar grumpyness!

fullfreezer said...

What a great idea to freeze them. I'm always up for quick meals that the children can make themselves- although all but the youngest will cook their own eggs and cheese omelets.

Mount Belly Mama said...

lol - this will be us soon.

You might like this recipe I posted a long time ago on recipezaar. Instead of five eggs, use seven. And make two batches because one won't be enough for your family.

Jena said...

I like your idea to make the egg noodles and freeze them. I've dug out by pasta maker but keep forgetting to actually use it. Thanks for the inspiration, and good job handling all the cooking!

Gina said...

I have to echo: Great idea! I never thought to make & freeze breakfast burritos! I am swimming in eggs right now and this would be perfect for our hectic schedules!